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Bradshaw At Tries Delight

CKC titles: RN, RA, PCD, CD (including a High in Trial award), AG, AGJ, AGS, AJS, AGI, AGIJ, AGIS, AGIJS, HIC. AAC Titles ADC, SGDC, AAD, AGDC, MADC, MGDC, MJDC, MSDC, MSCDC, ATChC (Agility Trial Champion), ExSt Bronze, ExSc Bronze, Bronze Award of Merit)

Watch a Youtube video of Blizzard in action here.

Blizzard is a great performance girl! Loved and handled by Kelly Doner
Blizzard started her performance with a bang!

Co Bred Bradshaw & Cermel Shelties

Blizzard & Kelly at FCI Worlds (YouTube)